Exotic Bulldog House

Professional Exotic English Bulldog Breeding Farm

Exotic English Bulldog Breeding Farm

The Exotic Bulldog House breeding farm was born after getting to know this wonderful breed, the Exotic English Bulldog, and thanks to decades of canine experience of three guys: Lorenzo, Alberto and Nicola, who have an extraordinary passion for the canine world and professional dog training.

Our structure is located inside a country homestead submerged by nature. More than 10 hectares of the ground are available for breeding, growing and education of the puppies and their parents. A characteristic that denotes us is the dedication towards post-adoption canine education that guarantees continuous assistance and support to the new custodial.

The adoption of a puppy is always supported even after entrusting it; its new owners will receive the correct and necessary information about the diet and the daily exercise every puppy needs to complete in the best way possible its formation, both physical and psychological. Moreover, we will also try to give you the correct instructions on which behavior the owner has to take towards the new arrival at home, how to handle the first days in the new environment and all the following steps.

We select Exotic English Bulldog exemplars and release an ENCI Pedigree in Italian and a KC (The Kennel Club) International English one for every individual of our breeding.

If you want to have information on the puppies available or are willing to adopt one: call us, contect us by email or write us using whatsapp.

Our Exotic English Bulldog Exemplars

We take care of our exemplars with the maximum attention, to the point that we define ourselves as their companions and not their owners.

We dedicate a good amount of our formative activities to make them socialize at best with their akin and with people, thus obtaining very well – balanced individuals with a wonderful temper that can live with other animals and with humans of every age in total harmony and safety, also especially with kids of every age.

Our Breeding Farm: What denotes us?

Our Exotic Bulldog exemplars are the result of accurate selections, from generation to generation, to obtain wonderful individuals as for their morphology, health and temper. We are talking about dogs that are used to the familiar environment, to people and other dogs, easy to manage both in urban and extra-urban scenarios. We are sure about our results because we give the maximum attention to the subjects we breed and include in our breeding farm.

Professional and Authorized Breeding Farm

We are the only professional and authorized breeders in Italy who select this wonderful English Bulldog typology.

See for Yourself!

Through a webcam, you can follow the growth of your puppy step by step.

Athletic Dogs

All our dogs are selected for their great physical health, they are athletic and in shape.

Ample open spaces

In our parks, there are structures created for collective exercise, authorized delivery rooms, rooms for socializing and interacting with other animals, people and things.

Always available

We keep in contact even after the puppy’s cession.

Diet care

We only use high-quality fresh food.

Selected exemplars

We perform genetic tests on all our exemplars for an unmatched selection.

Maximum protection

Every puppy is given with a cession and guarantee contract.

Your Puppy


Our Philosophy

We don’t consider ourselves a traditional breeding farm because first of all our Exotic English Bulldogs DO NOT live and grow up constantly living in small spaces or few square meters cubicles, we rather have ample rural open spaces, that allow us to let our dogs run free and socialize adequately. Moreover, we periodically invite to our structures some individuals from other breeds who share the same areas with our Bulldogs, allowing us to socialize all our dogs at best, both puppies and adults. For those who reserve a puppy, we commit from the first days of its life to teach it its future name together with the first basic knowledge offering, among the other activities, the possibility to deliver the puppy you adopted with a first training we attend personally and with the help of an expert canine trainer. It is also available for our complete and dedicated “Obedience Training “program.

Our Structure

We are always open to your visits, both pre-adoption, to see how the puppies are bred and where they live, and both post-adoption, to be able to share our reciprocal experiences or simply to give you the possibility to let your Exotic Bulldog run free in a familiar environment.

We also offer to our customers the ‘boarding house’ service, whether you need to entrust your dog to expert hands for a short period (maybe during a vacation or work commitments) after the adoption. You can count on us ad on our help for sure!

Dogs and Relationship

All our subjects are selected not only on a ‘morphological level’ but also on a ‘morphological – temper’ level they all show a balanced and stable temper, hyper – socialized with humans.

Each dog’s temper is determined by many factors throughout all its life, but surely, the first months are fundamental to create a good base and give the right imprinting. Most important is the time the puppy spends with its mother and the minimum age at which you can separate them. Even in the case of the Exotic English Bulldog, this aspect must be respected! Primary education is done by the mother, that’s why we deliver our puppies only after the 75th day of age. We know it is not easy to resist to those adorable puppies, but if we want the best for them, an individual as balanced as possible that was not subject to traumas as a puppy, this aspect is essential, even in our “Exotic Bulldog House”, be wary of those who want to anticipate this timing, nature has to follow its course. After that, always in order of importance for correct growth, there is the chance to socialize and communicate with other puppies and with people. It is always the mother who takes care of it in the beginning when she teaches her puppies to relate to the environment they live in. that’s not all, a very important role also belongs to the farmer/breeder who must be capable of providing more external motivations, such as the possibility of moving and running freely outside, socializing with other dogs, both puppies and adults, thus giving the chance of becoming a part of a group or pack to strengthen its sense of safety and develop the awareness of being a part of it. We are particularly careful about these aspects because we are aware of their importance for the correct physical and psychological development of every puppy and we want the puppies that are raised and then given from our “House” to be perfectly able to relate and behave in the outer world, giving the chance to their human partners to go for a walk in tranquility even in occasions crowded by both people or by other dogs, such as bars, restaurants, events, exhibitions or fairs.

News and updates on the Exotic Bulldog House World

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