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Our Breeding Farm and Our Dogs

All of our Exotic English Bulldog exemplars are the result of a careful selection both at a “morphological” level (our exemplars have a double pedigree, Italian ENCI and English KC and are considered “expo” subjects, which means they can participate to exhibitions for their beauty and physical structure) both at “Morpho – character” they all are used to the contact with the people they know and with the strangers, as well as with other animals in the different situations that might happen daily.

They all are signed up in the canine registry office, a value-added and safety for those who decide to adopt one of our puppies.

We periodically submit our dogs and puppies to the necessary and appropriate veterinary examinations and vaccinations.

If you want to have information on the puppies available or are willing to adopt one: call us, contect us by email or write us using whatsapp.