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Exotic English Bulldog

Among the best Exotic English Bulldog exemplars in the world

Thanks to the dedication and love we put in our breeding farm, our Exotic English Bulldogs develop a moderate and balanced temper ever since their birth and gradually get used to interacting with their similar, even from other breeds, and with people. They are cared for daily by personnel with a lot of experience in the canine world and are subjected to the necessary veterinary visits to guarantee their great health.
With the Exotic English Bulldog, we want to dispel the myth that always accompanies the Bulldog, that a dog of this wonderful breed is not suitable for walks because extremely lazy and affected by the respiratory crisis. The Exotic English Bulldog belongs to the family of the bulldogs, is slightly bigger than a French Bulldog but doesn’t show respiratory issues that can be found in the French and English classic. This characteristic, typical of the Exotic, makes it a wonderful companion even for excursions and long walks, as you can notice from the many videos on our social pages.

We have been breeding these dogs for more than ten years and this allows us to count on an experience that is by now sedimented in terms of breeding, care, growth and selection of the best subjects.

Every breed has its characteristic traits and in the case of the Exotic British Bulldog we can say that it is an extremely emphatic dog with its human companion, with a friendly, mild and unique temper, that can integrate with the family that welcomes it naturally, it can create a special relationship of trust with its reference figures and loves to stay with adults and kids.

About its fur, the peculiar shade “Tricolor Lilac”, as well as all the others, is one of its specific characteristics, keeping the folds it inherited from the English Bulldog Standard.

Also thanks to its very peculiar and empathic temper, we like to refer to us as their “Companions” rather than their “Masters”, creating a unique and indissoluble relationship with each one of them.

Another characteristic we like to highlight is that they are generally curious dogs, attentive to what surrounds them, an attitude that makes them also great “guarding/alerting friends”, capable to feel immediately any sign of “danger”.

Anyway, the strong and friendly appearance, their temper that perfectly couples with men and families because of its many positive facets, make this dog a loyal companion with whom you will share an unforgettable journey in every occasion of the day, gifting you with incredible and unforgettable moments.

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