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A puppy from Exotic English Bulldog has an extraordinary learning ability, especially in the first weeks and months of life, when it still hasn’t acquired “preconceptions” with whom interpret the events it will have to face.

The first experiences of the puppy are therefore very important and will condition its whole life forever, determining the attitude with whom your four paws friend will face the various everyday situations, building those preconceptions on which your adult bulldog will rely.

Letting your Exotic English Bulldog puppies come into contact with the most different stimulations without a correct control of the situation might lead to unpleasant consequences as well as creating the grounding of a behavioral problem.

For the most of the stimulus and experiences, this kind of mistakes can also be solved in the future but obviously, the difficulty in recovering a dog with consolidated behavioral problems is much bigger than the relative simplicity with whom you can correctly make a puppy approach the world in which it will have to live.

To sustain those who want to ensure their life companion correct and balanced learning, we developed a targeted program that lets your puppies experiment, while always having fun, all the context they might one day have to fac.

Keeping into consideration all the phases of the puppy’s development, we created an effective educational program that allows the little furry ones to move their first steps towards the right direction; in fact, while presenting every kind of stimulus with the right gradualness, the dog will acquire knowledge on noises, smells, behaviors to keep with other animals or people, physical self – awareness and much more.

(every level includes the commands of the previous levels!!)

N.B. every command will be proven by a video of your own puppy that will show that the learning process occurred! The handler will commit to continue the education and the training to reinforce the commands that were taught to the puppy following the suggestions given by our staff so that you can obtain “THE PERFECT BULLDOG”.


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